Activities of the trade union committee of ODABA

Activity of the trade-union committee of OSACEA

Kurgan Pavel Grigorevich

Chairman of the trade-union committee of OSACEA

The Trade-union committee of the academy staff together with the administration of the Academy conduct a constant systematic monitoring of the current legislation of Ukraine according to the issues established by the Treaty, that facilitate the implementation of legislative norms regarding the rights and guarantees of employees, and initiate their protection. At the meetings (conferences) of the labour collective, twice a year (in August and December), the administration (rector of the Academy) and the Trade-union committee listen to the reports on the implementation of provisions of the collective agreement and take appropriate decisions. All provisions of the collective agreement are fully implemented.

The activities of the Trade-union committee are carried out on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions and Their Rights and Guarantees of Activities", the Charter of the Academy and the collective agreement between the administration and the Trade-union committee of the Academy staff. The trade-union committee of the primary trade union organization of the Academy takes a direct active part in the events, the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the Odessa Regional Trade Union Committee: - participation in drafting laws; - Social dialoguing  with the Ministries of Education and Science, Finance, Economics, Labor and Social Policy; - preparation of various trade-off agreements of the Trade Unions with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; - Initiation of writing letters of protest, organization of protest actions. The activity of the Trade-union committee is detailed described in the annual work plans, including such areas of activity as: - measures of protecting the industrial, socio-economic rights and interests of academy employees, social guarantees, benefits, compensation; - mode of work and rest; - labor protection, life safety and health; - cultural-mass and sports-mass work; - organizational and methodical work, information support. Six commissions have been set up in these areas of work in the Trade-union committee, and these commissions implement them.

All branches of the Trade-union organization direct their activities to preserve and to strengthen the motivation of the trade-union membership, to strengthen the unity of the trade union organization, to implement and protect the labor, socioeconomic rights and interests of members of the trade-union of the Academy. The relationships between the administration and the Trade-union committee are governed by a collective agreement.

The public inspectors are actively working in the Academy's departments on safety and labor protection issues. The safety issues are discussed every year at the Trade-union meetings, and also the state of workplaces, provision of overalls and protective equipments are analyzed. Annually the issue of preparing educational buildings for work in the autumn-winter period is considered, and whenever possible, funds are allocated for energy-saving measures.

The Academy took part in regional and republican contests on labor protection among educational and scientific institutions.