Invitation to study

How to get an invitation?
Invitation issued by higher education institutions (hereinafter HEI), licensed to prepare foreigners for accredited (specialties) foreigners, for which HEI given consent to receiving training (internship) in the chosen specialty on postgraduate education, postgraduate training and doctoral studies  regardless of country of origin of the foreigner, terms and forms of education (Ministry of education and Science of Ukraine from 1st  of November 2013  by number 1541 "Some problems of organization recruitment and training (internship) foreigners and stateless persons ").


Also, services for organizing the recruitment of foreigners for study can be carried out by economic entities (residents and non-residents) in the presence of agreements with the educational institutions on the provision of services for the recruitment of foreigners as candidates for study (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 1 of November  2013 for No. 1541 "Some issues of the organization of recruitment and training (internship) of foreigners and stateless persons").


The Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (hereinafter OSACEA) gives to foreigner’s invitation to study in the form established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


In order to receive an invitation to study foreigners should apply with a letter (by post, by phone: +38 (048) 723-09-51 or by e-mail: to the Dean's Office for Foreign Students (hereinafter OFS) from a request for admission to OSACEA for study.


Documents required filling out an invitation to study:


1)a copy of the passport document of the foreigner;
2) a copy of the document about the level of education received from the academic disciplines by grades (points) or academic transcript.
3) written permission for the collection and processing of personal data;


After receiving of the invitation form to study in OSACEA, the foreigner is required to pay visa support for the requisites to the account of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education at the link.


The authorized state-owned enterprise on the basis on of the electronic journal data provides each week to the relevant diplomatic missions and consular establishments of Ukraine information about registered invitations (visa support).


Invitation to study is required for:


  • obtaining a visa to enter Ukraine;
  • confirmation of the purpose of entry during passport control (checked by border patrol agents);
  • admission to the academy.


In order to receive an entry visa, foreigner should have addressed to the nearest Embassy of Ukraine in his or a neighboring country with a application of its receiving, attaching to the application an invitation to study at the OSACEA.


Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is introduced a visa-free regime for entry to Ukraine.


Foreign citizens, who have received a visa in Ukraine, must inform the OFS of the OSACEA (by post, telephone: +38 (048) 723-09-51 or e-mail: about the date of arrival and the flight number of the aircraft to ensure their meeting at the airport.


At the international airports of cities Odessa, Kiev - Borispol, Zhulyany you will meet by the representative of the OSACEA or his vicarious agent.