Information on the availability of equipped dormitories for foreigners and security services
The Academy has a powerful material and technical base, which meets the modern requirements of the training of specialists both Ukrainian and foreigners. In the academy there are 5 dormitory for all students, as well as foreigners, the total area of which is 27,150 square meters.


All applicants for higher education who need it are provided with a dormitory. The settlement of applicants and students in the dormitories is carried out in accordance with the approved "Regulations on the procedure for settlement (resettlement, eviction) of students and graduate students (doctoral students) of the Academy in the dormitories of the campus of the Academy." Applicants, who need a settlement in a hostel at admission, provide a place. The Academy has five hostels in which there are rooms for work and rest, sports rooms with the appropriate equipment, a cafe and a library, and shower rooms. Living conditions correspond to sanitary and hygienic standards.



Students live in an academic dormitory in rooms of 2 or 3 people. After settling in the hostel, the student receives a list of property and a pass to the dormitory. For use, the student receives a sleeping place, essential dishes, recorded in the list of property, as well as bed linen, curtains, bookshelves, etc. By the way, from the list of property should be used carefully, and after use return in its original condition.



For foreign students, the rules for living in a dormitory are provided in Ukrainian and English.


All foreign students are provided with places to stay in the dormitories of the Academy.


Students who live in dormitories, in addition to organizing proper living, recreation and leisure, a security system have been established at the Academy.


For this purpose, on the territory of the academy and the campus, the guard of the academy maintains a round-the-clock watch, which ensures security and law and order.



The level of effective interaction with the staff of the Department of Social Security of Ukraine in the Odessa regions, who regularly holds explanatory conversations with foreigners, as well as provides timely information on their compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine, has been raised. This reduces the number of violations related to non-compliance with the current legislation governing the stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, the territory on which the campus is located is included in the patrol route of the National Police of Ukraine, which oversees the protection of public order and the fight against offenses on the streets, squares, and parks in Odessa.


In order to enhance the role of student self-government and ensure that foreign students observe the internal regulations and the safety of their residence in dormitories, the staff of the Center for Training Specialists from Foreign Countries hold meetings with students, are respected and respected among their comrades and can exercise proper educational influence; heads of rooms and floors.



System and planned educational work, as well as constant control over it by the leadership of the Academy, allows for the effective participation of foreign students in the educational process, minimizing situations that may lead to the payment of non-fulfillment of contract conditions and the commission of offenses.