Medical services



In the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, all conditions for the provision of medical services to foreign citizens are created.


Foreigners and stateless persons, who stay on the territory of Ukraine for education, may apply for medical assistance, including emergency, to any state or municipal health institution. Foreigners and stateless persons have to pay for medical assistance, including emergency, unless the laws or international agreements of Ukraine provide otherwise.


Medical assistance is available for foreigners and stateless persons in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, including the use of methods of diagnostics, treatment and medicines.


All foreign students conclude a contract (policy, certificate) with the resident insurance company that guarantees payment of medical care, the payment is made by the resident insurance company by transferring funds to the hospital which has provided medical assistance (after presentation of the document for payment).


In the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, foreign students conclude contracts of package voluntary insurance, including health insurance, accident insurance of foreign citizens temporarily residing in Ukraine and liability insurance towards third persons related to the deportation of foreign citizen from the territory of Ukraine with benchmark licenced companies.


According to the medical insurance due to sudden illness, accident or other unforeseen events an insured person receives medical or other assistance (service).


By medical assistance we mean getting a medical service, medical aid, medicines in the hospital during a treating period of health problems caused by an accident, an acute illness, exacerbation of chronic diseases emerged during the term of the contract that are included to one of mentioned classes of illnesses in State and municipal health protection institutions, videlicet extended care, ambulatory care and emergency.


By extended care we mean organization of express hospitalization to hospitals; functional, laboratory, tool researches and diagnostics; supply of required medicines in case of treatment in a hospital; refund of medicines’ cost and medical paid services; accommodation fee etc.


By emergency we mean organization of emergency medical aid services through a twenty-four-hour control center of insurance company; accomplishment of required therapy; transportation of the insured person to a hospital in accordance with a type of illness.


By medical service we mean execution of preventive medical survey of an insured person but no more than one time per year in prescribed limit.
By ambulatory care we mean organization of consultation aid in ambulatory conditions of doctors, execution of required diagnostic and laboratory researches till the moment of identification of the initial diagnosis.
By another aid (service) we mean body repatriation of an insured person to a place set by insurance contract conditions in case of death of an insured person as a result of an accident or a sudden illness.
 In case of voluntary insurance, responsibilities towards third persons:
Subject of an agreement is valuable interests related to a duty of the insurance company to refund  its caused harm to persons who have refunded or sustained losses related to a forced exclusion of the insurance company out of borders of Ukraine in accordance with  requirements of acting legislation of Ukraine.