Studying process

 The key to successful studying
Foreign students have to attend classes regularly, do their home assignments in time, take part in outdoor activities and rest, in the cultural and sport life of OSACEA. Self-training, attending language-labs (language lessons) and consulting lessons with professors and tutors are obligatory for all students. The students have to observe their class schedule, never miss classes or be late. Every student must know that regular academic work during the semester would facilitate much of pre-exam preparations and spare time.
Any student who has missed 20% or more of classes without any good reason will be expelled from the OSACEA.
Liability of Academic Rules Disobedience
Students, who miss classes without any good reason or fail to obey internal rules during educational process (lessons) in OSACEA and halls of residence, become liable for committed breaches.
Any foreign student, who breaks the Laws of Ukraine, will be punished. The breaking of academy rules will go with a reprimand. After the third reprimand, students can be expelled and they must leave the hall of residence.
In case of refusal to leave a country, an expelled student can be deported and recognized as a persona non grata. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine must report to the Embassy of the country of student’s deportation.
Daily Routine and Exams
The classes begin and finish according to the timetable. A lesson lasts 80 minutes and there are breaks after each lesson. The students have to come in a lecture room before the beginning of the lesson.
The Dean’s office of the Training Center for International students and Colleges receive students after 14:00.
Students may consult with their professors during lessons and consulting lessons.
Students are allowed to take exams after successfully passing credits, doing individual and laboratory work.
Grading scheme based on 100 points «0-59» - fail, «60-73» - satisfactory, «74-89» - good, «90-100» -excellent. «0-59» is considered to exam failure.
Academic Debts settlement
Students are obliged to pass examinations and tests within the deadline. In case of an exam failure students can retake this exam within two weeks after examination session. If the students get «0–59» and fail three or more exams, they are expelled from the university due to the Academic debts.
Students are allowed to retake the exam in such cases:
- if the students did not pass exams because of the valid good reason;
- if the students did not pass one or two credits or exams or a credit and an exam.
The students will be allowed to pass credits or exams after submitting all requested graphic and laboratory assignments in a given subject and also students must submit the request about retaking an exam to a Dean’s office. Besides students have to pay extra-charges for teachers’ extra-work and take a receipt to a Dean’s office before getting permission for retaking an examination.
After student`s expulsion, a student is obliged to leave the country according to set terms.
Student`s request procedure to the Training Center for International Students
If the students need any official documents from the Dean’s office of the Training Center for International Students, they need to submit an official application stating full name, country, study group, essence of request.
Students can consult the staff of the Training Center for International Students in case of any problems (Building ST, r. 914).
Request is considered by the Dean of Department of the Training Center for International Students and The Vice-rector for Science work of OSACEA.
Students’ applications and requests are considered by the Dean or his assistants.
The Dean’s office working hours 09:00 – 17:00 every day, except week-end.