Architectural and Art Institute

Architectural and Art Institute Architectural and Art Institute

Urenev Valerii,

Director of the Architectural and Fine Art Institute, Head of the Department of Architecture of Buildings and Structures, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Honored Architect of Ukraine, Full Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, Professor of the International Academy of Architecture.

Address of institute dean’s office

65029 Odessa, Didrihsona,4,

Architectural building, the 2nd floor, room 210 a.

Phone: (048) 723-23-62; 729-85-75

The structure of the Institute includes the following departments:

- Architecture of buildings and structures

- Urban Planning

- The fundamentals of architecture and design of the architectural environment

- Architectural constructions, reconstruction and restoration of buildings, structures and their complexes

- Drawing, painting and architectural graphics

- Descriptive geometry and drawing

- Visual arts