Civil Engineering Institute 



Educational and qualification levels of specialist training: «Bachelor »; «Master»


  • «Industrial and Civil Engineering»
  •  «Bridges and Transport Tunnels».
  • "Design of building structures, buildings and construction”;

  • "Organization of investment activities in construction”;

  • "Assessment of technical condition of buildings and structures, survey methods”;

  •  "Real Estate Expertise and Management”;

  •  "Building Communications”.


Directions of Knowledge: Theory of calculation and design of various building structures; Technology and organization of construction; Economy and management of construction.


Training of civil engineers in Odessa began in the late nineteenth century in the Odessa branch of the All-Russian Technical Society and in the so-called school of foremasters builders.


In 1918, the Faculty of Engineering and Construction was established at the Polytechnic Institute for the same purpose. A higher educational institution of construction profile has been opened in 1930 which changed its name many times over the 85 years of its existence.


But invariably, it included faculties for the training of civil engineers in the specialty "Industrial and Civil Engineering."